XScreenSaver Modes

XScreenSaver Modes

These screensavers come packaged with XScreenSaver



This screensaver was ported from a javascript 6502 emulator written by Stian Soreng.

I also wrote a stand alone version of the emulator with a debugger interface: 6502 debugger v 0.3

You can read an online copy of the man page here: man debug6502



Trevor Blackwell added the solid state TV effects and scoring.


Blink Box

I wrote this one at the same time that I wrote the pong screensaver. Same idea just in 3d. The motion blur was added by John Boero.

You can download a windows version of this screensaver here.



Edwin de Jong wrote the awesome pacman screensaver. I added the pixmap ghost and pacman.


Tangram Duck

I bought one of those tangram boxes they always have for sale at the book store. After playing with it for awhile I thought it would make a nice screensaver. This is also an example of a program that writes programs. The first version was glut and openGl, you could drag the pieces to solve the puzzle then dump the coordinates to stdout.

Windows Screen Savers


Seurat Desktop

I took the processing Seurat program and made a windows screensaver out of it. The screensaver will take a picture of your desktop and create a pointillism painting.

Cat Nausea



New windows screensavers to make you or your cat nauseous.

Incremental Drift Screensavers



I ported the GlAutomata screensaver, that I wrote in 2003, from unix to windows. You can get a copy of it here. After running the installer you will see glautomata listed along with your other screensavers.