Guitar Tablature

I try my hand at tabbing out guitar parts every once in awhile. Subsribe to this twitter feed if you want to know when new tabs are added.

I use tuxguitar to create the tablature. I also provide a pdf file for each song in case you don't want to install tuxguitar.

Don't Think Twice

I tabbed out Don't Think Twice It's Alright From the Freewheelin Bob Dylan.

Mance Lipscomb, Oh my Baby

Here is my transcription of the song:

Lonesome Road

Here is my arraignment of Joan Baez's version of Lonesome Road. It is in drop D and uses a steady alternating bass.

Barbara Allen

Here is another of Joan Baez's arraignments. This one is in standard tuning.

Wild About My Lovin

This a song from John Sebastian and the J Band's album Chasin Gus Ghost. It is a simple I-IV-V progression in the key of G.

Johnny Cash, Delia

Here is my transcription of the song:

Joseph Spence, Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

Sungha Jung, We Wish You A Merry Christmas

This kid is so good.

Dirty Old Town CAGED arpeggios

This tab picks out the melody of the song by using arpeggios from CAGED chord shapes.

The Plugz, Reel Ten

Repo man was on the TV the other night. Time to get out your delay pedals.

Dinosaur jr, The Wagon

I found this great time machine on ebay that only travels to the 90s and well anyway...